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Hi~👋️ I’m a graphic designer based in
New York, with work specializing in branding & visual identity.

Currently working as a designer at Droga5(NY) and a member of FDSC(KR).

Open for any potential projects, collaborations, or random fun chats!! Send me over an e-mail!

Book Design / Personal Project 
         We Must Fall In Love, 2021

Participated as a(n)
        Designer, Illustrator
Project Description:
        Examining K-pop industry being a decisive factor to reflect and reproduce visual aesthetics of the South Korean society, this book pays attention on how the idols are visually packaged and delivered to the viewers—potential consumers—as a commodity. Actively appealing and tempting the public, its visual language can be represented by its decontextualized spectacles, highly saturated colors, flawless body images, and exaggerated compositions. Combined with texts extracted from k-pop songs’ lyrics, this book attempts to create an audio-visual experience of the flat and shiny ‘wrapper’ of the industry.