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Hi~👋️ I’m a graphic designer based in
New York, with work specializing in branding & visual identity.

Currently working as a designer at Droga5(NY) and a member of FDSC(KR).

Open for any potential projects, collaborations, or random fun chats!! Send me over an e-mail!

Identity System, Toolkit Design / Personal Project
         Bardo, 2018

Participated as a(n) 
            Designer, Art Director, Video Editor
Project Description:
        Bardo, a term from the Tibetan book of the dead, means ‘between(bar) two(do)'. It is the twilight between day and night, and the crack between one universe and another. The Tibetan book of the dead indicates Bardo as the mid-universe where the dead remains for approximately 49 days until the day he is revived. This book is to be read by someone for the dead so that the dead can reach to the state of nirvana. Interpreting Bardo in my perspective, I aimed to design a product to be taken to the mid universe by the dead, helping them to make smart decisions. Video instruction is included in the product.