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Hi~👋️ I’m a graphic designer based in
New York, with work specializing in branding & visual identity.

Currently working as a designer at Droga5(NY) and a member of FDSC(KR).

Open for any potential projects, collaborations, or random fun chats!! Send me over an e-mail!

Book Design / Personal Project 
         Thank You For Your Purchase, 2021

Participated as a(n)
        Designer, Art Director, Photographer
Project Description: 
        Spectating the drastically expanding K-pop industry, this book is to reflect the relationship between the idols(celebrities)—commodities of the industry itself, and their fandoms—proactive consumers. As an attempt to create a rather personalized and intimate relationship between them, specialized apps have been developed to offer a private messaging service for the fans to subscribe—pay monthly—their idols to receive and send messages with them. This book is an edited archive of their actual dialogues displaying this paid, partially fake, but also partially real, virtual romantic relationship between the 'idol' and the unspecified fans.