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Hi~👋️ I’m a graphic designer based in
New York, with work specializing in branding & visual identity.

Currently working as a designer at Droga5(NY) and a member of FDSC(KR).

Open for any potential projects, collaborations, or random fun chats!! Send me over an e-mail!

Riso Prints / Personal Project
      Hot&Cold(living in a very safe temperature), 2021

Participated as a(n)
Project Description:      
        This project was inspired of temperature being a new indicator to safety and normality under the situation of covid-19. During my stay in South Korea last summer, thermal camera was frequently seen at the entrance of buildings, airports, and hospitals to measure the body temperature of the visitors. Seeing my high saturated body through the thermal camera lens, I wondered what it means to be a ‘safe’ or ‘normal’ person and how that is visually shown. I’ve created a series of reversed thermal images with photos of my everyday life.